Wyrd War Presents BLACK CAESAR (1973) on 35mm with Special Guest Fred "The Hammer" Williamson!

WYRD WAR welcomes action hero maverick Fred “The Hammer” Williamson to Portland for a rare 35mm screening of his ass kicking pièce de résistance BLACK CAESAR (1973) at the Hollywood Theatre! Tickets on sale NOW

Discerning genre enthusiasts have come to adore Fred Williamson’s bold screen persona as a thundering reverberation of Sidney Poitier’s iconic smack to the face of American racism…except “The Hammer” strikes with clenched fists! His gritty breakout hit BLACK CAESAR, a remake of Little Caesar (1931), directed by exploitation auteur Larry Cohen, reimagines the pathologically ambitious hoodlum archetype as a swaggering uptown stud who hustles his way up the criminal food chain, wages war on the Mob, and builds a precarious empire of dirty money, bloody revenge, and very bad karma. Boasting an electrifying score by James Brown, BLACK CAESAR is a high-water mark in the cannon of so-called Blaxploitation films that dominated grindhouses throughout the 70s.

Fred Williamson will be in attendance for signings and an audience Q&A following the film. Spend the night with the Godfather of Harlem!

Black Caesar 5_11_2018.jpg