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Whispers through the Black Veil

Whispers Through the Black Veil — V/A

Whispers Through the Black Veil is a strange and beautiful relic that explores the esoteric roots of Halloween and the thinning of the veils between the living and the dead that is said to occur during the "dark half" of the year. A truly genre-transcending anthology culling original recordings from the farthest outposts of the contemporary musical wasteland, including previously unreleased haunted house music from Enchanted Forest, one of America•s most spectacular roadside theme parks, a stirring new instrumental by Bobby BeauSoleil recorded specifically for this project from his prison cell at Oregon State Penitentiary and an eerie minimalist synth composition by Alan Howarth, legendary co-producer of such cult soundtracks as Escape From New York, Halloween III, Prince of Darkness and Big Trouble in Little China. 40 minutes of music mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk and beautifully packaged with original cover artwork by Dennis Dread. Includes extensively researched and lavishly illustrated 8 page insert.

Limited to 500. RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 18, 2014

Entartete Kunts is a spectacular collection of totally unbridled underground artwork written and curated by Dennis Dread and featuring 42 artists from all corners of the world! 340 pages of full color artwork, bound in either embossed hardcover with dust jacket (limited to 400) or beautiful softcover with french flap jacket (limited to 600). Can be shipped sealed or signed by Dennis Dread. Please indicate if you would like your book signed when you check out.



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