Fire of God’s Love LP


Wyrd War has reignited Sister Irene O'Connor's mystical hymns of devotion and delivered them from the outposts of obscurity to be enjoyed once again on vinyl! Recorded by nuns Sister O’Connor and Sister Marimil Lobregat on electric organ, piano, guitar and heavy doses of reverb in 1973 at the Catholic Radio and Television Centre in Sydney, Australia, Fire of God’s Love is a haunting musical communion teetering somewhere between Hildegard von Bingen and The Space Lady...on the hills of Meggido! Fans of Wyrd War’s previous releases Music From Enchanted Forest and Wizards soundtrack will delight in these twelve sparse and perplexing songs of beatific whimsy and apocalyptic esoterica. Out of print since the 1976 U.S. repress, this extremely limited edition lovingly replicates the original Australian pressing album design and has been masterfully restored by Timothy Stollenwerk. This release is a benefit for Friends of the Columbia Gorge, the only Oregon non-profit entirely devoted to the preservation of one of the Pacific Northwest's most cherished wilderness areas, to support the reforestation and continued protection of Eagle Creek in the aftermath of the September 2, 2017 fire that burned for three months before it was declared contained and extinguished. “Keep this little thought in mind my friend, existence in this world is not our end...” RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2018 (WYRD WAR – 9).


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Necron-99 Splatter Red LP

We have a very small number of the limited edition color variant version of our Wizards soundtrack release. 



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
Andrew Belling 

Wyrd War very proudly presents the original motion picture soundtrack to Ralph Bakshi’s animated masterworkWizards on vinyl for the very first time! Ostensibly Bakshi’s “family film,” this almost impossibly PG rated post-apocalyptic “fantasy epic of peace and magic” emerged like a strange fungus through fissures in the Hollywood machine in 1977 to psychedelicize unsuspecting audiences with slouching android assassins, nearly nude fairy wenches, supernatural siblings skirmishing for world domination between slugs of cheap wine, demonic dog soldiers belly-crawling through skeletal landscapes of airbrushed fog, and, perhaps most memorably, terrifying genocidal elfin warfare punctuated with Leni Riefenstahl stock footage, all perfectly choreographed to a beautifully ethereal sci-fi jazz soundtrack seemingly scorched with atomic energy. Such music! Composer Andrew Belling delivered one of the first truly musical scores for a major Hollywood film composed almost entirely for ARP 2500 and ARP 2600 synthesizers. 40 years after its theatrical release, the music of Wizards continues to fascinate, perplex and inspire viewers, like a beautifully handcrafted Rorschach test of the late 20th century’s excesses, hopes and increasingly foreboding anxieties of things to come. Mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk and featuring massive 11" x 11" gatefold insert liner notes by Dennis Dread with exclusive new interviews with director Ralph Bakshi and composer Andrew Belling. RELEASE DATE: June 21, 2017 (WYRD WAR - 8).

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(Flexi Single)
At The Window


Our latest release has risen from the grave! We have partnered with Portland City noise punk extremists Lebenden Toten to release the track they wrote and recorded for our debut 2014 compilation, Whispers Through the Black Veil, as a limited edition flexi 7" single with beautiful full-color artwork and lyrics! At The Window is a haunted declaration of unheeded warning and ear blistering tribal convictions in the crasher crust tradition. These are available exclusively through Wyrd War and directly from the band (on tour now!). Due to very limited supply, please limit one copy per order. Nothing can save you now...

$10 (First Class shipping in the U.S. included).

International orders please email first. RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2017 (WYRD WAR - 6).


The Return of the Iron Messiah + 2017 Demos CD

Siki Spacek's first release since his 1984 debut LP is now available on extremely limited edition professionally duplicated CD-R format! Black Death Resurrected's The Return of the Iron Messiah features Siki's reinvigorated lineup of Vincent Lindsay on lead guitar, a former member from the mid 80s who recorded on the band's unreleased 1988 demo, as well as Bobby Bim on bass guitar, a close Black Death affiliate from the early days who was originally slated to perform on the first LP. 40 minutes of powerful street walkin' sermons written between 1983-2013, this new offering slides perfectly into the catalog precisely where the debut album left off. Recorded by Billy Morris (Quiet RiotWarrantBlack 'N Blue) and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, The Return of the Iron Messiah is a modern day metal masterpiece. This limited edition CD version also features three brand new demo BONUS TRACKS recorded in February 2017 with the current live lineup that the world has never heard until now! 55 minutes of true heavy metal for the die hards who demanded digital format limited to 200! RELEASE DATE: May 5, 2017 (WYRD WAR - 5).


Until We Rock (CD)
The Early Recordings Of Black Death

UNTIL WE ROCK: The Early Recordings of Black Death collects the only material known to have survived from legendary Cleveland, Ohio heavy metal quartet Black Death's most fertile period before their 1984 debut LP. Raw, noisy and completely unexpurgated! Black Death singer-songwriter and self-proclaimed “God of Guitar" Siki Spacek is nothing less than a national treasure. Wyrd War enlisted the digital restoration expertise of the very same audio engineer responsible for mastering the historical Alan Lomax folk archives to dust off Siki's 1983 Black Death demo recording, plus two truly epic live jams from the same period, and the band's classic contributions to the now legendary Cleveland Metal compilation! Eight songs clocking in right around 65 minutes, with liner notes from the Iron Messiah himself! Experience the early history of the world’s first all-black defenders of the faith as they have never been heard before on extremely limited edition professionally duplicated CD-R in 4-panel digipack. Throw away your bootlegs and delete your crummy MP3s. This is the archival quality real deal, fully authorized by Siki Spacek, and lovingly dedicated to the memory of original Black Death drummer Phil Bullard (1948-2008). UNTIL WE ROCK! Limited to 200. RELEASE DATE: March 4, 2017 (WYRD WAR - 7).



Artist Series Shirt #2
F.T.W. by Erik Danielsson

Sons of Fire! Daughters of the Dark Moon! Raise high your defiant fists and join us as we herald the second coming of our limited edition “Artist Series” t-shirts. This time we have partnered with our diabolical brother of the black flame, Erik Danielsson, of incendiary Swedish Black Metal wolfpack Watain. Danielsson’s uncompromising and unambiguous vintage-inspired design sets ablaze the heart on extra soft black Next Level shirts in three colors and features the Wyrd War insignia (designed by Joe “Motörhead” Petagno) in red and white on the back. This double-sided shirt is strictly limited to 50. Small, Medium, Large and XL are available while supplies last. Please indicate your size as a comment when you check out, or email us your size after your payment and we will sort you out. This is an officially sanctioned and fully licensed Trident Arts design. Ripoffs...F.O.A.D.!!!!

"When Dennis Dread invited me to Portland in 2009 to join a group exhibition by the name of Entartete Kunts, I was not late to accept. The only piece that was created exclusively for the exhibition was this one, or rather an earlier black and white version made of overhead paper and foil. Since then it has been hidden in obscurity, although I've always had in mind doing something more with it. Again, Dread came to aid and now we can present it on a shirt to be worn by those to whom this motto relates. To me, "Fuck the World" is the warcry of the noble savages, men and women who abide by their own set of norms and ethical codes, and in doing so makes the self-claimed authority of the outside world their enemy. The aesthetics of the design are an obvious hint to the 1960s and 1970s, a time when rebel ideas and outlaw mentality seemed to be seldom limited to words, but instead shaped the way that people lived and died."  - Erik Danielsson



Acid Wash
Big Heavy World LP

The bastard sons of Phil Lynott and Kate De Lombaert's mythological romance are all grown up and they've worn out the ol' man's copy of Stained Class. We are absolutely delighted to herald the debut LP from Portland, Oregon hard rockers Acid Wash. Fans of Quartz, Dark Star, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Acid and of course the soaring dual harmonies of early Judas Priest rejoice! Recorded on the same analog machine that was used to record Metallica's early masterpiece Kill 'Em All at Music America studios in Rochester, New York circa 1983 and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, Big Heavy World (a reference to half of the band's Vermont roots) is a shimmering wind of change that reverently celebrates its solar sources even as it courses forward like a hyper laser hurricane from the streets to the stars with leather weapon and chrome-studded steed. Open wide your mind and bang hard your head. Limited to 500. RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2016 (WYRD WAR - 4)

This LP comes shrink wrapped. If you would like your vinyl removed from the shrink wrap and jacket to avoid seam splits during shipping, please drop us a note with your order at and we will be happy to do so. 

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Artist Series Shirt #1
Destroyer 666 by Dennis Dread

On this most portentous of dates, Wyrd War very proudly heralds the first release in our new line of limited edition “Artist Series” attire. This will be an ongoing series of very small run authorized shirts with original designs from some of our favorite artists throughout the world, offered exclusively through Wyrd War. Naturally, this first installment is a collaboration between Dennis Dread and longtime comrades Deströyer 666. Dread’s striking red and white Escutcheon of Death is emblazoned across the chest of extra soft black Next Level shirts and features the Wyrd War insignia (designed by Joe “Motörhead” Petagno) in red and white on the back. This shirt is strictly limited to 50. All sizes are available until sold out. This is an officially commissioned and licensed Deströyer 666 design. Bootleggers and rip offs...BEWARE! AWARE! WAR!

“When K.K. asked me to design this shirt a few years ago for Deströyer 666, he encouraged me to seek inspiration from a favorite lyric of my choice. Ultimately I chose the somewhat uncharacteristic line, “Death is a curse that has followed me,” from the song Tyranny on the 1996 masterpiece Unchain the Wolves. Let me be perfectly clear: my inclusion of this particular lyric is in no way meant to indicate a capitulation to the inevitable or an expression of remorse. Around the time that I began working on this drawing I had been thinking deeply about my friend Selim Lemouchi, as I so often do, and this lyrical choice – indeed this drawing itself – is as much a memorial to a kindred soul who unwaveringly walked his path, as it is my bold salute to a band that has meant a great deal to me over the past two decades. After lingering in purgatory for a couple years, I am delighted to see this shirt brought to life as K.K. and I originally intended.”  – Dennis Dread


Black Death Resurrected — SHIRT

Official limited edition DOUBLE SIDED prints on BLACK Gildan® Softstyle® shirts!  

Built for speed. Available in Small, Medium, Large & XL.

IMPORTANT: Specify your size with a Paypal instructions to merchant comment when you check out.


Music from Enchanted Forest (blue vinyl LP)

Wyrd War has partnered with one of the most unique roadside attractions in the world to create a truly inspired children's album...for kindred spirits of all ages! Enchanted Forest is the ultimate handcrafted fantasy amusement park, built one nursery rhyme and one bag of cement at a time by creative visionary Roger Tofte between 1964 and opening day on August 8, 1971, in Turner, Oregon just south of the capital city of Salem. Today, it remains entirely family owned and operated and is the only known amusement park in the U.S. that has never been required to pay royalties for its music due to the fact that eldest Tofte daughter, Susan Vaslev, composes and records all of the sparse and oddly hypnotizing synth sounds that punctuate the park's many attractions at a nearby home recording studio. Commemorating the park's impending 45th anniversary, Music from Enchanted Forest collects Susan Vaslev's most beloved compositions on limited edition cyan blue vinyl with liner notes and sounds never before heard beyond the park's wooded gates. Absolutely essential for all true wyrdos of the world! Limited to 500. First 50 orders come with an official Enchanted Forest embroidered patch! RELEASE DATE: November 21, 2015 (WYRD WAR - 3).

Please Note: This LP is delivered shrink wrapped. If you would like your copy removed from the shrink wrap to avoid seam splits during delivery, please indicate during the check-out process with a Paypal instructions to merchant comment. 


Black Death Resurrected
The Return of the Iron Messiah LP

On October 31, 1984, a little-known outfit from Cleveland, Ohio called Black Death released their first and only LP on a small regional label called Auburn Records. Initially formed in 1977 by a charismatic headbanger known as Siki Spacek, who honed his metallurgic craft following a cathartic Judas Priest concert, they emerged as one of the first traditional heavy metal bands comprised entirely of African-American musicians. Over the course of three decades since the band's premature demise, their tough hymns of swift metal justice have come to be regarded as obscure classics of the Golden Age of American heavy metal. Now, 31 years later, Siki Spacek has returned with Black Death Resurrected and the long-awaited second LP, The Return of the Iron Messiah on Wyrd War Records. The reinvigorated lineup consists of Vincent Lindsay on lead guitar, a former member from the mid 80s who recorded on the band's unreleased 1988 demo, as well as Bobby Bim on bass guitar, a close Black Death affiliate from the early days who was originally slated to perform on the first LP. Delivering 40 minutes of powerful street walkin' sermons written between 1983-2013, this brand new offering slides perfectly into the catalog precisely where the debut album left off. Recorded by Billy Morris (Quiet Riot, Warrant, Black 'N Blue) and mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk, The Return of the Iron Messiah is a modern day metal masterpiece. Limited to 500. RELEASE DATE: October 31, 2015 (WYRD WAR - 2). PLAY LOUD! BREAK FREE!


Whispers Through the Black Veil

Various Artists LP

Whispers through the Black Veil

Whispers Through the Black Veil is a strange and beautiful relic that explores the esoteric thinning of the veils between the living and the dead that is said to occur during the dark half of the year. A truly genre-transcending anthology culling original recordings from the farthest outposts of the contemporary musical wasteland, including previously unreleased haunted house music from Enchanted Forest, one of America's most spectacular roadside theme parks, a stirring new instrumental by Bobby BeauSoleil recorded specifically for this project from his prison cell at Oregon State Penitentiary and an eerie minimalist synth composition by Alan Howarth, legendary co-producer of such cult soundtracks as Escape From New York, Halloween III, Prince of Darkness and Big Trouble in Little China. 40 minutes of music mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk and beautifully packaged with original cover artwork by Dennis Dread. Includes extensively researched and lavishly illustrated 8 page 8.5" x 11" insert. Limited to 500. RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2014 (WYRD WAR - 1)